Best Vue.js courses

Best Vue.js courses of 2020

There are plenty of great resources how you can learn Vue. Becoming a pro of Vue.js can benefit your career and make hot in the market, as Vue.js is a rising start for a few years now. However, with that much resources being here already, it is hard to find out what are the best for you. Quality and price of the different tutorials, courses or books varies greatly. Even thought there are many great Vue books, course might be preferable by some. So that’s why there is this article – it will help you to find best Vue.js courses of 2020.

How does the good Vue courses look like?

Of course, the main criteria of good Vue.js courses is the quality of content. Vue.js has a great documentation, and if the course doesn’t provide any in-depth insights, but just explains the documentation, then it might not be worth the money and time. However, if you prefer video material over reading, this might be a great choice for you. But what I mean, course should provide more than it – it should include assignments that will let you mastering the subject by practice.

Another criteria is the price. Which is important in all cases. But talking about the price, it is worth evaluating ratio between price and quality. If there are some best Vue.js courses that costs more than anthers, quality and in-depthness of it might offset the price.

Best Vue courses

Vue.js Fundamentals (Pluralsight)

One of the good courses of Vue is Vue.js Fundamentals on Pluralsight

Check this course on Pluralsight.

A course that covers the fundamentals of Vue. During the course you will learn to spin up a new Vue project, understand the basics of the framework, will be able to setup needed environment. Also, you will understand how can the components communicate with each other, learn Vuex state management. The course is created by Jim Cooper, a software developer with more than 20 years of experience, that works at Pluralsight, so the quality of the course is great.

Key points:

  • Course was updated on May 20, 2020, so it is pretty new and it means it is up to date. While there are some other courses on the Pluralsight platform, they are dated back to 2017. Even though main things hadn’t changed that much, there were plenty of improvements to the Vue framework over the years.
  • Length of the course is 5h 4m, so it is not very long, which means that you will be able to start creating an app you wanted to, after a few hours.

Price: Pluralsight has different plans for their courses. Personal use plan costs about 30 dollars a month, however, for the price you will be able to learn from over 7500 courses of Pluralsight. And this means that you will get access to 11 different Vue.js courses.

Learning Vue.js

Learning Vue.js on

Check this course on Lynda

A great Vue.js course on the platform, that covers some of the Vue topics in-depth. That means this is not for complete beginners, as you will have to have some understanding of Vue in order to follow along the course. Topics such as adding Vue to a webpage, data binding, methods and event handling, Vue components and Vue cli will be covered. Even though these are not advanced level topics, but this is not for complete newbies also.

Key points:

  • Course was released on October 19, 2018. Even if it is not the most recent course, but the topics that are covered on the course are still the same today.
  • Duration of the course is 2h 14m. If you have a couple of free hours, it is a great choice to spend it by deepening your knowledge of Vue.js

Price: the same as Pluralsight, Lynda has a a paid plans that let’s you accessing all the platforms’ courses. And there are over 15000 of them on Lynda. And there are plenty of Vue.js material out there.

Building Laravel and Vue.js Web apps

Check this course on Lynda

Another course on Lynda platform that teaches for a specific stack – Laravel and Vue.js. During the course you will be guided how you can create an app with Laravel and Vue.js. So before starting a course you should have a basic understanding how does the Laravel and Vue.js works. As this is a specific course that shows how you can get best of the two technologies, you should be already familiar with both of them. If you are searching for a best Vue.js course that shows the basics, this is might not be the first course for you.

Topics that are being covered on this course: VM creation and configuration, using Laravel Mix and webpack, creating an API with Laravel Passport, building an SPA, displaying validation errors and other topics.

Key points:

  • Course length is 2h 47m. Even though it might be longer as there many things to cover from both, Laravel and Vue sides, but the basics are explained pretty well.
  • Course was released on February 21, 2019, so it is pretty new.

Price: as it was already mentioned, Lynda has a plan based access to the courses. Getting a plan will let you participate in every course there is on the platform.

Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex)

Vue js course on Udemy

Check out this course on Udemy.

This is a real deal out there, as finishing this course will give you a strong understanding of the Vue.js. A course, that was already enrolled by more than 125 thousand students, will teach you a lot of the Vue related things. Some of the topics that are included in this course, are: interaction with DOM, using conditionals and rendering lists, creating a Vue instance, learning how to use a webpack and Vue CLI, creating, using and communicating between components. There are also more than one course project that will guide you how everything you learned before the task would be used to create a real life app.

Pointing every topic that will be covered on the course could take a while, but thera are some more of the bigger topics: using animations and transitions, Filters and Mixins, using vue-resource and Axios for connecting to servers, state management with Vuex.

Even though this course can be started right away by beginners, you should have basics of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Some of the key points of the course:

  • The course is outstanding 21.5h length. Even though it’s the length of the course, you will probably want to rehearse some parts you in order to understand the big picture after digging deeper in the course. So, probably it will take you more than 21.5h to understand the material. However, every minute of it is worth it as you will
  • Price of the course with a discount is about 30 dollars, which is a small price for this high quality course material.

Overall, this is probably one of the best Vue.js courses in 2020!

Build Web Apps with Vue JS 2 & Firebase

Another great course of Vue.js on Udemy that teaches how to use Vue and Firebase

Check out this course on Udemy.

A course that teaches you how to build apps with Vue and Firebase. As Firebase is a big thing nowadays, it is pretty popular to use it for Vue applications. And there is a good reason for this, as the platform provides a lot of great things, such as real time database, that could benefit your Vue app. Firebase has a free plan that might be enough for your needs.

What does this course teach? You will get hands-on on creation a Vue app that works with Firebase. For this purpose, three different projects will be demonstrated in the course that shows you how everything could be done practically.

Key things of the course:

  • Course is 11.5h length. Most of the time is dedicated to show how everything works practically. This is achieved by building three different projects. But in addition to these projects, Firebase Cloud Functions will be explained, Vue router, Vue CLI. You will also get some Vue basics, as there is a 1h 5m dedicated to present it.
  • A course costs less than 22 USD, so it is a great choice for this price.

What is the best Vue.js course to start with?

As there were mentioned few different best Vue.js courses out there, you might be confused what should you choose first.

Our recommendation is this: start by Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex) that was covered in this post. It will take you more than 22 hours to finish it, but after this, you will have a solid understanding how to do things with Vue. After this you can choose specific courses that teaches how to use Laravel or Firebase with Vue. But it is a lot more important to have a strong basics than how to combine different frameworks.