Why Vue js is so popular in China?

Why Vue.js is trending in China? How popular Vue is there?

The fact that Vue.js is popular and widely used is pretty known. However, another fact might be a surprise for you – Vue.js is absolutely crushing in China compared to other countries. What do I mean by this? The term “Vue.js” and the material related to is is much more searched in China, when comparing to the other countries. It means that the term is searched by a higher percent of people in the China than in the any other country. However, that’s only a one fact that might not indicate the popularity. So let’s see if it is true that the Vue is popular in China or it is just useless numbers.

Is Vue more popular than React or Angular in China?

The fact that the Vue.js is so popular in China, doesn’t mean that other two frameworks are not. Not only the Vue, but also other frameworks are used by the developers accross the China. For example, the React is used by the enterprises in China.

However, if in the other parts of the world, React is still dominating, in the China the difference is not that big. And it didn’t happened over night – few years ago the Vue was also popular as much as React in China.

What we can see from the Google trends, is that the China is in the first place of the Google trends interest by region. The data of the last 5 years was taken in this case. So it is obvious Vue.js is pretty popular in China.

Google trends shows that China is in the number one position of the interest by region chart, for the Vue.js

However, don’t think this number big because there are many people in China. The score isn’t calculated by the total number of queries. It’s a proportion of all the queries. This is what Google says about the calculation:

Google trends interest by region calculation

Reasons why Vue.js is trending in China

We could speculate that it’s because of the technical features of Vue, the ease of use and progressivity of the framework, but sadly the technical features usually doesn’t have much to do with the popularity. There might be the best framework in the world, but the framework that is less superior and is backed up by a big company, might be more popular.

So I can find two big reasons that might be related to the Vue popularity in China.

Reason No. 1

Creator of the framework, Evan You, is a Chinese american. He was born in China, went to high school in there and after this he went to the US for the college. While being Chinese, Evan has ties with the Chinese developers community and receives support from them. He is also supportive itself to the community. That might be one of the reasons why Vue.js is popular in China – that’s because local developers are aware of the framework, some of them might know who is the creator of it, so eventually it leads to the wider usage of the framework.

Evan you had spoken about the Vue in many conferences, so the framework is pretty known in the country. And every time the new project starts, Vue is one of the options that might be used. China gives a priority to the products of their own (example – Facebook and Google are banned in China). So because the Vue creator is chinese, Vue.js is a domestic product in some way.

I wonder how many people from China would come to my website organically if the Google was not banned in China..

Reason No. 2

Vue is used by many chinese gigants. Some of the chinese companies that are using Vue.js for their projects:

Vue.js is used by Alibaba, Xiaomi and Bilibili

As you might see there are some giants that are using Vue.js. And the fact that Alibaba is using Vue.js, is a proof that the framework receives some spotlight in the China. While the companies size like this are using the framework, it gives some stabilitiy to the technology. And of course that’s a proof that Vue is not a indie developers thing. More and more companies are choosing it instead of React or Angular. Another huge company, a Chinese unicorn – Xiaomi is using Vue.js. And of course a also huge company, Bilibili, is using a Vue for their video, Youtube like, platform.

Why there are so many Chinese Vue.js libraries?

The answer for this is obvious, there are so many of them because Vue.js is pretty popular in China. And in case you were wondering if it safe to use these Chinese Vue libraries, the answer is yes, however the biggest problem will be the documentation. Most of the time the english documentation is poor, so unless you know Chinese language, you might struggle understanding it.

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